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  • Mark Jarvis, 'Jarv', is a former miltary member
  • Now a strength and conditioning trainer
  • Trained top MMA fighters like Jess the Joker Liaudin
  • Also an adviser and personal trainer for film and music stars, such as Kiera Knightley, Niall Horan and Christian Slater

Who is 'Jarv'?

Mark 'Jarv' Jarvis with Niall Horan and Rory McIlory

Mark Jarvis, known to his friends as 'Jarv', is one of the most interesting people to ever get in touch with us here at Huel. 

Starting off his career in the military, Jarv did several tours around the world which solidified his strength of character and body too!

In 1999, Jarv started work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Training Pro Boxers and MMA fighters, Jarv has trained the likes of:

  • Jess The Joker Liaudin MMA World Champion & ex UFC Fighter.
  • Judo Jimmy Wallhead. Pro MMA Fighter.
  • Matt Hallam. Pro MMA Fighter.
  • Craig The Duffer Turner. Pro MMA Fighter

If this wasn't enough, Jarv also trains actors to physically look, act and fight like soldiers and warriors, including:

  • Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Military Advisor With Richard Smedley's Elite Training.
  • Charlotte Grey. Military Advisor with Richard Smedley's Elite Training.
  • King Arthur. Personnel Trainer & Boxing Trainer For Kiera Knightley.
  • Chasing Liberty. Personnel Trainer & Unarmed Combat Instructor For Matthew Goode.
  • One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Personnel Trainer for Christian Slater.
  • Boardwalk Empire. Personnel Trainer & Boxing Trainer for Stephen Graham.
  • Morgan Spurlock. Personnel Trainer.

Jarv is not just a skilled coach, but also a skilled writer, having written for Men's Fitness, Your Are What You Eat Magazine, the Sunday Times Magazine, whilst also currently writing for MMA Uncaged Magazine.

Recently, he has been on world tours training One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, and is currently training Harry Styles and Niall Horan. 

Jarv and Huel

Jarv has long been a supporter of Huel. Regularly posting about Huel on his Instagram and Twitter feed, and helping support fellow Huelers such as Matthew Pritchard and the British Services Dhaulagiri Mecial Research Expedition, Jarv has been a pioneer in the Huel movement and an awesome guy to know.

Want to know more?

The best way to learn more about Jarv is to follow him on social media. Follow his:


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