The Olympic challenge of the Row2Rio 2016 team - the first four person team to row the Atlantic, unsupported, and powered by Huel

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  • To mark the crossing of the Olympics from London to Rio, the Row2Rio team are rowing across the Atlantic, fuelled by Huel
  • The journey is over 7000 miles long
  • No one has ever done this before, meaning the team will break 2 World Records
  • It's all in the name of charity, with donations going to MacMillan Cancer Support
  • The team will also cycle from London to Portugal and Belem to Rio de Janeiro to complete the journey

Please note: this was not a sponsorship deal, no money changed hands. Row2rio contacted us as they genuinely wanted to use Huel to provide a convenient way to provide the nutrients they needed.

What is the Row2Rio team doing?

To coincide with the Olympic venue making its crossing from London to Rio de Janeiro over the Atlantic Ocean, the Row2Rio team have created a challenge which will allow them to honour the legacy of the Olympics, powered by Huel! This challenge involved following the Olympic journey using human power alone, using a combination of rowing and cycling. The route itself has never before been completed, meaning the Row2Rio team will be the pioneers. 

Mel Parker and Jake Heath load Huel onto the boat ahead of their journey

How long is the journey?

The route itself is over 7000 miles long, achieving it will see two world records broken, and is also helping raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

The journey will be split into three phases. The first will be Cycling to Lagos, Portugal from the Olympic Park in London.

Phase 2 will be a lot more tricky. If they travelled directly, there would be 1600 miles of nothing but the open ocean to their destination, the coastal Brasilian city of Belem. As is, to avoid harsh winds and choppy waters, the journey will be a lot less direct. and therefore a lot longer.

Phase 3 is more simple by comparison to Phase 2, but it's certainly no cake walk. The team will then cycle 1800 miles or so South to Rio de Janeiro where the Olympics will be taking place and their journey will end. 

The team posing before they launched out to row across the Atlantic

Who are they?

The Row2Rio team consists of four members. Mel Parker, Susannah Cass, Jake Heath and Luke Richmond will all cycle and row their way across the Atlantic to Rio, and will be powered by Huel along the way. 

Mel Parker

Mel is a 27 year old fundraiser for a children's charity, with a passion for challenging herself more to see what she can achieve. You'll often find her cycling, rowing, horse riding, and hiking.

Susannah Cass

Susanna is 27 year old PhD student in Botany. She's interested in all things 'ology', like biology and ecology, but is also a fan of rowing, having previously rowed from California to Hawaii.

Jake Heath

Jake is a 29 year old Podiatrist, who describes himself as a secret geek with a love of Star Wars and video games. He is also a big fan of American football, playing for Team GB Bulldogs American Football team and for his university, Cardiff.

Luke Richmond

Luke is a 31 year old Crossfit and Olympic lifting coach from Australia. Never far from adventure, Luke has travelled to over 54 countries in all parts of the world, climbing mountain peaks in 6 continents and rafting down the Nile. 

How will Huel Help?

As they are rowing across the open ocean, the team will have to have all their food and water onboard with them when they set off. Huel's easy storage and impressive nutritionals means it will help them save space and weight on the boat, whilst also helping give the team the energy they need during their voyage.



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