Huel's First Birthday - records broken, millions of meals sold and plenty of Huel to be won!

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Today, June 17th, marks one year since we first started selling Huel, and boy it has been a big year!

In the past year alone, we have sold 1.5 million meals, to over 30,000 customers all across the world.

Not just that, but, with your help, we have also:

  • Added a subscription service that means you can get 7.5% extra off.
  • Created an Unsweetened/Unflavoured Huel and given you the ability to mix and match them.
  • Released seven new flavour pouches, including chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours.
  • Started doing black t-shirts and hoodies, as well as XXL t-shirts.
  • Improved the pouch by making it smaller and improving the seal.
  • Released a gluten free version.
  • Improved the taste of Vanilla Huel by reducing the sweetness.
  • Started accept BitCoin, PayPal and Amazon Payments.
  • Reached 20,000 Facebook followers and 7000 Instagram followers
  • And so much more!

Perhaps most impressively, you Huelers have also broken 4 world records (that we know of) whilst powered by Huel! Including the Row2Rio team pioneering a new route across the Atlantic and Matt Pritchard smashing the record for most half Ironman events completed in a year, in 30 days!

As a little birthday treat, head to our Facebook page to enter into a contest to win one month’s worth of Huel and keep your eyes on our Instagram to find out how to get involved with our birthday photography contest too!

Thank you for all your messages, tweets, photos, personal stories. Thank you for spreading the word to your friends and family about our food revolution. I promise we will continue to deliver high quality, affordable and convenient nutrition to you all.  

What can you expect for the second year of Huel? Well, you’re just going to have to stick around and find out!

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