Huel Refer a Friend Guide

Recommend Huel to your friends and you both get 300 Kc off!

We know how much you love shouting about your love of our nutritionally complete meals and well, we just wanted to give some love back. Oh yeah, there’s a whole lot of love happening here.

So for every new Hueligan you bring on board you'll bag 300 Kc off your next order over 1485 Kc, and they'll save 300 Kc on their first order over 1485 Kc too! Plus, you'll be setting your friends and family up with the convenient nutrition they need to smash their goals.

Oh, and hey, future Hueligans we see you too. Remember to get your Hueligan buddies to refer you before you jump on the nutritionally complete train. Here's how it all works.

Already a Hueligan? Here's how to claim your discount

Let's get you Hueligans started. It's all quite simple - log in to your Huel account, grab your code, and share it with a friend.

You'll then get an email with your own code when that friend buys their first Huel order. Use that code when you next checkout to save some money. Kerching!

If you get stuck on the journey or want more details, you can find step-by-step instructions below – with screenshots because we’re nice like that.

New customers, don’t worry, it’s even easier for you. Just scroll down and everything you need to know is underneath this section.

Step 1: Login, or create a Huel account

Set up your Huel account.

Remember, if you subscribed to Huel, your account would have been created automatically with the email you used at checkout.

Step 2: Share with friends

Once you're logged in

On desktop: go to your account overview by clicking the person icon at the top right hand corner of your desktop screen.

On mobile: select menu and then click account at the bottom of the drop down tab.

Click on Refer a Friend. There are a number of ways you can share your link:

Share by email

Click 'Send via my email' to open your emails with a preloaded message containing your unique referral code.

Tell them in person

Click 'Use my name' to activate this option. Then, just tell your friends to enter your name before they checkout. They need to click the ‘Been referred by a friend?’ link under the ‘Secure Checkout’ button.

By Facebook

Click 'Get Sharing' to add the referral post to your Facebook wall. Don't worry, you'll get to see a preview before choosing to post.

Share a link

Copy your unique link to choose how to share with your friends.

Please note, there are limits in place on how many and how frequently referrals can be made.

Public distribution will lead to your limit being reached. See Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: Start saving

Once your friend has placed their first order (minimum spend of 1485 Kc), you'll receive an email notification. Click 'Get your 300 Kc off' to reveal your discount code. When you’re making your next purchase, add your items to the basket and head to the 'Secure checkout' page, and add the discount code in the 'Gift card or discount code' box underneath the order summary.

Have a subscription?

No problem, you can add the discount code in your account. Login to your account and head to Subscriptions & Orders. Simply enter the code in the discount code box underneath your subscription.

New to Huel? Here's how to claim

2 steps is all it takes for 300 Kc off your first order over 1485 Kc ( and a Hueligan buddy, of course). Get the unique code from your friend, fill your basket with Huel goodies, and head to the ‘secure checkout’ page. Once you’re there add the discount code into the ‘gift card or discount code' box underneath the order summary. If you get lost - there are some step-by-step screenshots below to guide you:

Step 1: Ask your friend for the code

Your Hueligan friend will receive an email containing a unique code. Can’t find it? Ask them to search ‘Refer a Friend’ in their inbox.

They just need to copy it when ready to shop.

Step 2: Shop and save

Once you have filled your basket with your chosen Huel products (over 1485 Kc), head to the ‘Secure checkout’ page. Paste the code into the ‘Gift card or discount code’ box underneath the order summary.

No code?

You can also save with just your friend’s name. Fill your basket with a minimum of 1485 Kc of Huel goodies, head to ‘Your basket’, and then click the ‘Been referred by a friend’ link under the ‘Secure Checkout’ button and enter their full name.

Terms and Conditions

  • The referred friend is offered a discount code for 300 Kc off your first order over 1485 Kc.
  • The referrer will receive a discount code for 300 Kc off an order of 1485 Kc or more when their referred friend places their first order over 1485 Kc
  • In order for the referrer to qualify for the reward, the referred friend must be a new customer to Huel, over the age of 16 and meet the conditions of their reward.
  • There are limits in place on how many and how frequently referrals can be made by any single referrer. If you've located a referral link online, you're unlikely to receive a discount.
  • Multiple discounts cannot be accumulated to be used on one order, only one code per order.
  • Referral offers are not valid in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
  • Any rewards will be revoked if a refund is requested on the order for which the reward was offered.

Full Terms & Conditions are available here

Please log in to your store account

To share with your friends, log in is required so that we can verify your identity and reward you for successful referrals.

Log in to your account If you don't have a store account, you can create on here

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