The Olympic challenge of the Row2Rio 2016 team - the first four person team to row the Atlantic, unsupported, and powered by Huel

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To mark the crossing of the Olympics from London to Rio, the Row2Rio team are rowing across the Atlantic, fuelled by Huel The journey is over 7000 miles long No one has ever done this before, meaning the team will break 2 World Records It's all in the name of charity, with donations going to MacMillan Cancer Support The team will also cycle from London to Portugal and Belem to Rio de Janeiro to complete the journey Please note: this was not a sponsorship deal, no money changed hands. Row2rio contacted us as they genuinely wanted to use Huel to...

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In-depth interview with customer about Huel

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Because it's interesting and useful for new and potential customers to hear from existing customer's experience of using Huel we decided to do a series of in-depth interview with some existing customers. The first of which is below. Tell us a little bit about you: My name is Nick and I'm a University student currently on a placement with a financial services firm in central London. I love to play sport and exercise weekly especially as my job can be quite intense and can see me working long hours from time to time. Both help me to keep everything in...

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Protein in a Huel Diet

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Protein is an essential nutrient. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds. There are 20 principle amino acids that can be joined to form proteins. The combination of different amino acids in the chain, the number of each individual amino acid and the cross chains between them will determine the overall structure of the protein molecule and thus its purpose. Of the 20 protein synthetic amino acids, nine are essential and cannot be created in the body from other amino acids, therefore they must be obtained from the diet, or deficiency will result....

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Huel BBC Radio 4 Interview on You and Yours

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Listen to the BBC Radio 4 interview by Peter White with Huel founder Julian Hearn, Huel user Matt Phillips, and nutritionist Liz Tucker. This interview took place in July 2015 on the You and Yours consumer affairs programme.   Here is the transcript: Peter white: No prepping, no cooking, no washing up and on top of that, a balanced diet for £45 a week. Too good to be true? Well those are the claims for Huel, a powdered food that has just come onto the UK market. Mathew Phillips is a regular user of food replacements and a convert to...

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Snap & Share your #MyHuel Journey

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Have you recently embarked on your Huel journey? Well, we want to hear from you! We have seen some great pictures shared on social media by our customers and we would like to thank all those contributing to the online buzz.Starting today, we will be giving away a week’s worth of Huel, absolutely free! Each month, we will choose the best and most creative picture featuring your journey with Huel. Whether you use it on your travels, after a workout or just when you’re in a rush to get to work, we want to hear about how and where you...

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