In-depth interview with customer about Huel

In-depth interview with customer about Huel

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Because it's interesting and useful for new and potential customers to hear from existing customer's experience of using Huel we decided to do a series of in-depth interview with some existing customers. The first of which is below.

Tell us a little bit about you:

My name is Nick and I'm a University student currently on a placement with a financial services firm in central London. I love to play sport and exercise weekly especially as my job can be quite intense and can see me working long hours from time to time. Both help me to keep everything in balance especially when things start to get stressful! I'm also currently training for this year’s London Marathon which I’ll be running for charity.

How did you first hear about Huel & how long have you used it?

I first heard about Huel after seeing an article about the possible future of food in The Telegraph a few months ago. The mention of a powdered product that provided me with all the nutrition I needed from a healthy and natural source inspired me to find out more. After going on to the Huel website and reading about its usage and benefits, I decided to try the product with a friend. Buying two pouches between us, my friend and I swapped out our usual protein powders for Huel and were pleasantly surprised by both its taste and texture. We used up our pouches pretty quickly and have since bought more, using Huel for over two to three months now.

What made you want to buy Huel?

In all honesty, when I first heard about Huel I was sceptical about how a powdered product could act as a healthy and nutritional replacement for my meals. But after reading more about the product, I was quickly won over by the image of the brand in both its simplistic and easy to use nature. The “how to use” descriptions of Huel were very helpful and intuitive as well as the added bonus of having the full list of ingredients displayed for me. The videos seen across the website also allowed me to gain an insight into the vision of Huel in lowering global waste and the value of time when it comes to having a nutritional diet. Combined, I was given a clear and trusting view of the product straight away which eventually led me to try it out!

How does Huel fit into your daily routine?

Although day to day I lead a very busy lifestyle, Huel has fitted seamlessly into my daily routine. I decided that I would initially use Huel to replace my breakfast in order to become accustom to drinking a meal. Before using Huel, it would take me some time to wake up a bit earlier just to prep my meal to make sure I was getting a well-rounded and nutritious start to my day especially as breakfast is one of the most important meals to get me going. With Huel, I can now catch some more sleep or start to get ready for the day earlier as I have a lot more time on my hands - all I need to do is throw three scoops in with some water, blend and I am good to go! I have continued this, mixing various things in for different flavours like cinnamon and fruit which means every breakfast can be different.

After Breakfast, I have solid meals at lunch and have found that because I am using Huel in the morning, I am a lot more conscious of my food when it comes to choosing nutritious and healthy options. This is especially helpful when dealing with long and busy days.

Finally, for dinner it varies day to day. If I have had a long day and come home a bit late, I will go straight for the Huel. It is quick and easy to make and I know I am getting the nutrition I need to have a solid sleep and function well the next day with increased levels of energy.

Using Huel has really become an integral part of my daily routine as I have recently started my London Marathon training and now have to fit in a lot of early and late starts in order to get my runs in. However, with Huel I can fit in my balanced nutrition quickly and effectively which benefits my overall lifestyle and more importantly my recovery!

What three aspects of Huel would make you recommend it to others?


The main selling point for me is the fact that Huel is just so simple. There are no gimmicks or tricks, just simple, nutritious and healthy scoops of powder with water blended for two minutes and I have a well-balanced meal. My kitchen space has increased with its minimal packaging and I use less energy in washing up my pots, pans and dishes normally used in creating other meals. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and I can creatively tailor them to my own likings through trial and error. The vanilla base flavour offers a great foundation to trying out other flavours through the flavour pouches or just other everyday ingredients as well as its use as a flour for baking. In summary, you know what you are getting with Huel from the moment you buy it.

Cost & Time Effective:

When looking at the prices, Huel is very cost effective at around £1.50 per meal (even cheaper when using three scoops which is my normal serving). I have definitely noticed the reduction in cost of my weekly shop and so going forward you really could be guaranteed cost savings in your choice of diet, what more could you ask for in a product! I also see time as a valuable asset to me, and the savings you get in using a blender for less than two minutes for each meal is invaluable to me. I can really focus on my day ahead, whilst keeping my body in balance with good food.

Environmentally Friendly:

I love how eco-friendly Huel is. I have so much more space in both my fridge and kitchen cupboards due to needing less products and the waste I now produce is minimal compared to the several bags I produced before. The fact that all the ingredients are sourced naturally is also reassuring when considering our own personal impact on an increasingly fragile world.

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