Huel Customer Testimonials

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Please note: None of the customers below were given free gifts or money to write their testimonial.

James from the Huel Forum

"I am a big protein user, 2-3 shakes a day around my gym routine, along with two Huel blacks... This is by far the best protein powder I have ever had, and the fact that it’s dairy-free, too, is impressive. I have tried vegan stuff in the past, and it’s always horrendous - but you 100% nailed this."

James - a Huel tester

"Huel Complete Protein is the best tasting protein I've ever had, and even better that it's vegan. I loooove the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour, it tastes unreal! My new fave way to get my protein fix"

Chris - a Huel tester

"I genuinely love this protein. It helps me reach my fitness goals by providing great reliable nutrition whilst also tasting amazing" 

Paul Burgess - Facebook

I was dubious before I started using Huel. Now I can't sing it's praises enough! I use it as a super easy / convenient way to have 2 extra meals a day. It's well balanced and has everything you could want from a meal. Props to Huel!

David_Myhill - Huel Forum

Loving the Huel vibe so far. Quite surprised to be honest how much I look forward to the next Huel cos I’m a bit of a foodie normally.

Enjoying Huel breakfast and lunch with normal evening meal seems to work well, don’t feel at all hungry.

Emma Louise Dixon - Facebook

Erm, how tasty is this?! I was expecting bland or overly chemical flavoured. Instead I am treated to oaty, vanilla-ry (yes, that's a word), deliciousness! And the mocha flavouring! Yum!

@Toughy - Twitter

First day on @huel... First day in a long time I'm getting in from work and not starving! Great stuff.

Bernadette Scott‎ - Facebook

Ordered yesterday about 11am. Delivered this morning 11am. Impressed!

Jayson Mannings - Facebook

I love the way it fits into my busy day, I'm now having breakfast and lunch every day, best of all it has given me my evenings back by not having to go shopping or spend time cooking. One of the best food choices I've ever made.

Mary Lea

I am a trainee nurse and with twelve hour shifts, six hours either side of a half hour break for lunch, and I find huel really useful. In addition, sometimes I'll have fruit for breakfast, sometimes huel as well (the latter when I am more hungry.) If I had to choke down a sandwich or a microwaved ready meal during my lunchbreaks I really wouldn't enjoy it, and I know from experience that ready meals and sandwiches and other typical hospital lunches don't keep me going as long. Yes, I could spend ages after a busy day planning a wonderfully balanced salad or something, but why bother? Plus, student nurses can't afford a thousand superfoods. Whereas huel works out much more affordable and does keep me full and gives me the energy I need.

When I do cook for friends and family (I love to cook) I enjoy it far more. It becomes a pleasure, not a chore. I have sit down home cooked meals from scratch three times a week, which is more, I suspect, than most people. Certainly more than most people working twelve hour shifts. Huel doesn't mean you can never eat anything else. But it does mean that when you are tired, or in a hurry, you get something that genuinely helps you feel better and switches off crappy cravings. No more coming home thinking 'if I don't eat chocolate I will die!' So, it's not 'all huel and nothing else.' You can eat anything else you like, just as a bread eater can also eat potatoes, a water drinker can also have a beer or cup of coffee. It's a tool that helps you balance a busy life. That's all.

Abdul Rehman - Facebook

Excellent for breakfast, snack after lunch or throughout the day. I prefer a balance between this and normal food. Fit it to your own preference and life style. Every meal need not be substituted. 10/10 so far!

@tomtomUK - Twitter

Its a convenience thing. When I worked shifts, having to eat at random times of the day, organising shopping, and eating a healthy balanced diet was tricky and I didn't have the time. I didn't replace all meals with Huel, but it definitely made life a lot easier.

Ian C Hilditch - Twitter

I work in the security industry, it's almost impossible to eat healthily on shift. This would stop fast food and sweet craving. 

Kirk Brown - Facebook

Due to health problems I have had difficulty eating and digesting food. even when following dietary meal plans given to me by health professionals. I have been using huel along with eating some fruit and veg when peckish since May. My energy levels, digestion, strength, sleep, mood, (I could go on listing these improvements, but you get the point) have all increased considerably. 80% I estimate. I can not recommend it highly enough. We all differ and anyone considering trying Huel should give it a try.

Matt Heath - Customer Email

It's quick, tasty, cheap, and I feel generally healthier with more energy. I've replaced breakfast with Huel as it's quick in the mornings, definitely healthier for me than buying breakfast on the way to work, and fills me up for longer than cereal does.

@technomouse - Twitter

So far I am LOVING my @huel adventure, makes lunch so easy and cheap, no need to think just throw my shaker in my bag and go 😁😁😁😁 #Huel

Paul Warmington - Twitter

Been on Huel for a while & really rate the stuff. Physical job & lots of running & keeps me going.

Tristan Thomas - Customer Email

I use it to replace the boring meals — the meals where you would otherwise spend five quid on a sandwich. That's what I've found Huel to be perfect for — it's fast, easy and healthy — and much much better than just picking up sandwiches every day! When I prepare a meal for dinner or meet up with friends over food, I really enjoy it.

Hanuman Deity - Facebook

Best food I've ever had, I never miss a meal and don't snack anymore through the day as I'm never hungry!

Caleb - Source: Huel Forum

I am shocked at how effective this Huel is!

Normally I will snack after a three course meal, calories be d*mned! I'm 6'1" and go up and down (mainly belly). Half the year I follow a raw food diet.

No snacking/craving. This is the first shocker. I'm a grazer, and I was 'literally' anxious about not having my crisps and sweets near to hand. It is a weird feeling to get to lunchtime not having ONCE thought about eating!

Taste. Shocker two. I love it. I've only tried the vanilla so far, but my next order is on its way with some huel flavour sachet things. It's easy on the palate. As they say on the site, it tastes smoother blended, and when I've left it overnight it tastes great out of the fridge.

This morning I had to get up earlier than usual and I was feeling sorry for myself, so I made my drink with 1 part cold water then added 3 parts near boiling, i didn't use the blender because it was early (mine makes a racket), so it wasn't as smooth as normal, but it had a very comforting taste and consistency. I normally have breakfast at work, but this was so quick I'll be doing that from now on. It meant I got more work done, too.

I have never worried about calories or scales - I go by the notches on my belt. I don't know if you need to worry about weighing the powder, etc, unless you are on a controlled diet. (I don't normally ask about calories at the chip shop or local Chinese :smile: ) I just bang in 3 scoops and that works for me. I've added pumpkin seeds, which is amazing, and I bough some bananas today to try. I'll just add a bit less powder and figure it out as I go along. So, I ordered my month's supply after the second day trying my first weekly packet. I used the 10% saving to get flavours and whatnot.

Today - tadaaa! - I wore some trousers I haven't been able to get into for several months. This is less than a week in on huel. The main thing seems to be it kills your snacking, so none of those rubbish calories. It's so easy to make, you literally don't have time to make a bad food choice at home (or out, if you take it with you). As a result you end up buying less food, so there's less temptation!

So, I'm a convert. I thought it was a weird idea at first. I eat raw food because I know it's good, but I always fall off the wagon after a few months because of the time and effort. Near work there is nowhere good to eat lunch that is cheap enough to use regularly. So, I'd say try it for yourself. You'll be shocked too!

Martin Crutchley - Source: Huel Forum

"Huel is an ideal solution as my relationship with food is basically as a fuel source and the objective is to get it down me as fast as possible. I have spent 3 days thus far on Huel and I'm already feeling full."

Richie - Source: Huel Forum

"I am still using Huel at 300-400g daily and it is working perfectly. I love this stuff and couldn't be without it now.Awesome product guys."

ElMerlo - Source: Huel Forum

"A great "thank you" to the Huel staff for their creation and for their customer care service: one of the best I experienced, ever."

Patrick D'Arcy - Source: twitter

Just got Huel. Might be one of the best things to ever happen to me, haven't felt this awake & healthy since I was a kid.

Jo Hill - Source: Huel Forum

"Nearly three weeks on Huel, and I just love it, I'm losing weight, not hungry, and feeling so much better! I eat a meal when I fancy it, but otherwise stick to Huel, it is perfect for me - thank you."

Jack - Source: Huel Forum

"I've lost around 3kg in 2 weeks which is great news, no energy deficiency, no lethargy and if anything more focus and drive in the gym. Resistance training 2/3 times a week, cardio 2/3 times a week, so pretty active, but Huel is definitely filling me up and giving me the right nutrients to aid fat loss and maintain muscle mass/growth."

Cchallis - Source: Huel Forum

"I wanted to say the ordering and delivery process was superb; simple, good communication and swift delivery. Couldn't ask for more."

David Lane - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"As a whole I don't like to do product recommendations, but as a new product that fills a niche in the market this is slightly different. For example, as a vegetarian who occasionally goes to festivals I've struggled to find decent food and in any case festival food is expensive. Huel makes it possible to eat healthily, cheaply and without having to pack a stove and 10Kg of cans."

Marek Bartoszak - Source: Customer feedback survey

"It is not only healthiest option in the market at the moment but it is very efficient, saving time and money as well, and I see much more improvement when I started to going to gym after few years break, and don`t have to buy any proteins etc, just this food and the results are amazing. Thank you very much for this food."

Patrick D'Arcy - Customer Feedback Survey

"Huel has genuinely changed my life. I get to eat healthy, eat ethically, and save money. Unless you're a real foodie, its hard for me to imagine a reason you wouldn't at least replace breakfast with Huel."

Edward Roberts - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"It works for me. It's convenient (mostly, mixing requires a certain type of shaker or a blender), filling, allergen free (I can't have dairy or wheat) and means I spend less money on food. I'm a waiter and it's great to have on my break or quickly mid-shift so I'm not starving when I come out of work and eat crap."

Charles Grant - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I have been really pleased with the product itself (taste, satiety etc.), but the customer service and overall presentation round off the excellent product to a tee. Definitely delivers on all fronts and shall be repeat purchasing and recommending to friends. Thanks!"

Andrew Kennedy - Source: Customer feedback survey

"Very good taste, very satiated. Allows me to mange my type 1 diabetes very well while having a decent amount of carbs. Whereas before I had to very low carb. I can now hopefully get back to training harder and building muscle again."

David Thomas - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I work away from home during the week, and often have very busy days where my diet would likely suffer. Huel is perfect for me. I get all the nutrients I need, in a format I can take anywhere with me. Why *wouldn't* I recommend it!?"

Dean Davey - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

The product is awesome.. Have the natural flavour one.. Very filling and have lost a lot of weight from it.. Incredibly pleased with the product.

Nick Warren - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

As in my busy work life was becoming ill from lacking good calories and two weeks in feel amazing and have the energy to work, train, teach classes and not worry about missing vital nutrients that I was with the amount I put my body through. Couldn't be more thankful for such a great product

David Graham - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Does what it says, excellent meal replacement for people on the go. Found it especially convenient when racing mountain bikes.

A A Al Farra - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Because Huel is exactly what a lot of us need. It is a solution for many problems such as unhealthy snacks, lack of time to make proper food, and find a meal that is a fully nutrition packed (especially fibers and vitamins)

Stewart Davidson - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Does what I need it to, namely free up my lunch hour for other things and doesn't leave me feeling hungry.

Aaron Fisher - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Good tasting product that fills me up, stopping me from snacking, and as I am on the move a lot, reassures me that I am consuming something of nutritional value.

Tom Atkinson - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I am truck driver and it is so easy to eat junk food. With Huel it is so easy I take 2 shakers to work 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch. Great product.

Zander Baldwin - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I've never felt better... Well, that I remember. I'm sure I was pretty content with everything when I was about 2. Ah, those were the days!

Adrian Bennett - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

It's easy, tasty, convenient and just fantastic. I get so much more done with Huel in my diet!

Sunjay Parmar - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Great for busy working colleagues. It can be difficult to get all the micro/macronutrients whilst working difficult shifts, i.e. going to the shops etc. I've recommended it to everyone!

Lydia Critchley - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I love Huel and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of product.

Nick Lucas - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I already recommend it to anyone who I think has the same mindset about food as me. It was an immediate and massive improvement in my general health and happiness, after replacing 1 meal a day.

David Soraghan - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Great product, cheaper than eating 3 meals a day and is helping me to lose weight, simples !

Maris Doniks - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Its a great product, its vegan, it makes my life easier. I'm bodybuilder and working 9-5 does not really allow me to have full meals whenever I actually need it. Blend Huel with couple bananas and you get a tasty and filling second breakfast, nice and easy. :)

Andrew Durning - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Used for a week. Total replacement on reduced calorie to loose 1lb a week. Feel full. More energetic. Brilliant!

Karim Hamouda - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I’m very impressed with the product. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and was not sure what to expect.
After the 1st week of using it as my breakfast and lunch I found that my energy levels had gone up and even my gym sessions had improved.

Nick Mason - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I'm certainly enjoying it - the taste is good, it's very convenient, and while it's not my only food (I'm probably doing 5 scoops a day) my weight is dropping while my consumption of excess sugars has dropped almost entirely.

Adam Krysa - Customer email

I love Huel it is such an amazing product, i will always use Huel for the rest of my life , 4 x shakes a day and 1 regular meal at night. I love how my body is changing and how my muscles are developing, also I have more energy in the gym, absolutely love Huel.

Tazzi - Source: Huel Forum

"My first day completed, and I am really pleased with it ! So easy to use, the taste is great, and I have not felt hungry.

I am getting on brilliantly with Huel for weight loss....started 17th July at 17 stone, now, at 2 weeks I am at 16 stone 8 lbs, which I am delighted at."

Karl Drinkwater - Source: Caredig I Natur blog

"Most people expected to dislike it, but the reality proved different: they all really liked it. A mixture of the convenience and the surprisingly nice vanilla flavour helped win people over."

Matt Phillips - Source: Radio 4 

"I found the convenience really quite useful and health definitely comes into play. Being able to receive your week’s food / shopping, if you will, in one box that just gets delivered to you and contains very little waste, is good for everybody involved.

The benefit of actually eating healthily rather than unhealthily, as a side effect, is a great one. I feel more alert, a bit more awake, and I've noticed an improvement in my skin. I've noticed an improvement in my general well-being. When you eat a real meal, it’s very easy to overeat, but because you’re eating a prescribed amount with these products, you feel really sated; you feel that you've eaten, you feel healthy, but you don’t feel that bloated awkwardness that you can easily get by simply eating too much.

I do real food probably once a week, I might have one meal a week if you've got a visit with friends, maybe they’re having a barbecue and you’ll sit down and join in socially with them and eat whatever’s on offer. I just don’t need to cook and prepare it for myself any more. It’s great on television, good home-cooked food, but who really has the time any longer. Some people, yes, love growing their own food, and love making really nutritionally complete meals; I don’t have the time or money for that."


David McCarlie - Source: Reddit

"I've been using soylent products for about a year now and pretty much 100% during 2015. I was drawn to Huel as it is the only product that does not contain maltodextrin and being diabetic, maltodextrin will spike sugar levels.

Delivery was very fast, ordered Tuesday afternoon and delivered Thursday morning. You can't get better than that. I received the delivery details by email and opted to make a request to have the package left on the back doorstep in case I was out. As it happens, I was out and was pleased to see the package on the back doorstep. Even better, the driver had taken a photograph which I could see on the email link. I've never experienced this before, a brilliant use of technology.

In the package was two bags of Huel, a decent quality shaker and a smart t shirt, good enough for the gym as well as wearing casually. No complaints at all. I've been used to single meal bags, simply tear the top, pour into the blender and let it wizz so measuring by scoop is new for me. Bit of a nuisance but no big deal to measure out four scoops and add to the water in the blender. I use a nutribullet to blend and it does the job well. The Huel powder does have a vanilla scent to it and other than that, it's an innocent looking powder. Mixing in the blender was easy and left no lumps or powder residue at all, in fact the result was a smooth quite thick creamy looking beige liquid.Although it is flavoured with vanilla, I couldn't actually taste it.

There is a dominant flavour to it, not sure if it's the pea protein or the oats but you can taste it. The liquid stays in suspension and no thick dregs at the bottom of the glass. It's not unpleasant by any means, sweet tasting and very filling.I checked my blood sugar several times over a three hour period and there was no sugar spike. Sugar level did rise, as it does when ever I eat, but it was within acceptable ranges, which is great.Overall, I was impressed, a nice product and great to see the UK leading the way by eliminating maltodextrin."

Sunsetandlabrea -  Source: Reddit

I've been trying Huel out now for about a week now, so I thought I would leave a review as I haven't seen any others yet. I'm comparing Huel to Joylent and Queal as those are the powdered meals I have direct experience of. I'm based in the UK.

Delivery was good, I got a dispatch notice the same day of ordering and the box arrived three days later. As an early customer I got a free t-shirt and shaker. I ordered a weeks worth, and it came it two large 1.74kg bags. Branding and packaging all looked great.

It is a very finely ground powder, more so I think than both Queal and Joylent. It theoretically should mix well but that is made some what more difficult by how much water is needed. Huel suggests four meals a day, and I think the reason for that is they also suggest 4 parts water to 1 part huel. I generally have a powdered meal twice a day with 150g for each meal. 150g + 600ml of water fills of all the shakers I have. You really need additional space to shake and mix it properly. Any less water than that and it is really, really thick and you'll need to eat it with a spoon. It would be much easier with a blender. It doesn't seem to thicken any more after preparing, unlike Joylent which thickens overnight. If you can mix it well the texture is very good.

I feel quite full after eating, because of the increase of water. I'm hungry though in roughly the same time as Joylent / Queal - which isn't entirely surprising as it roughly the same calories.

If you prepare it and drink straight away it is very sweet, probably too sweet. My wife, who drinks mostly Joylent, didn't really like it. It also has a slight after taste (either the pea or brown rice protein I'm guessing). Left overnight the taste improves and the after taste does slightly too. It only comes in a vanilla flavour.

Protein is a little high for my liking, I think I'd like to see that reduced and both carbohydrates and fats increased to compensate for the calories."

Laura - Customer email

Hi Huel
I don’t ever write to companies but am making an exception for you.
I work for an NGO. I spend half my life in sub saharan slums, spending time with young girls to figure out how we can best help them help themselves.
Access to healthy food that doesn’t make me sick is hard to come by.
Im on first name terms with the doctors at the London hospital for tropical disease. They are constantly reminding me, only half jokingly to ‘stop drinking out of african puddles’.
This time I took their advice and bought Huel.
Last week I’ve travelled round the depths of northern Ethiopia and now I’m doing the same in Rwanda, fuelled by Huel and its been a revelation.
Im not sick!! I actually feel good.
So thank you.
The doctors as the tropical hospital are gonna miss me.

Iain Connor - Customer email

Huel being complete nutrition (& very convenient- especially with my job) so fits in perfectly for me, providing a balance of the nutrients I require for fuel and repair without the additional calories and fat gain from a traditional strength athlete 'eat whatever ' diet. I don't want to be one of those bloated powerlifters, I would rather look like an athlete!

Laurence Chester - Customer email

My Huel just came and here are my first thoughts.

Delivery was very fast, efficient and the tracking is great. I like the store doesn't require a signup and that delivery is included. T-shirt and presentation are nice.

It makes it simple that a scoop is ~150kcal. With Mana I had to do exactly a third of a day's portion since I have to use the right ratio of oil (marked on the bottle) to powder. Worse still I found Mana separated quickly; Huel seems better. Huel is easier in this regard. I find the package size a bit too large, sealing it is annoying.

Taste is very good. More neutral and nicer than Mana. It's satiating too.

Frenchfaso - Source: twitter

Did you know @huel ? Delicious, reminds me of Sicilian almond milk!

 Trstn - Source: reddit

 My diet was OK before huel.... But a lot of crap food and missed breakfasts. I run a lot and go to the gym so health is reasonable.
Now I replace the missed breakfast and crap lunches with Huel (it's literally two thirds of my 'food' now). I don't feel snacky like I did and my energy levels are up and concentration much more focused and I just feel better generally.
The same gym work I've been doing for ages has started resulting in my gaining a lot of muscle tone too, but the only thing I've changed is my diet. Overall I just feel better, faster, content, it's hard to explain.
I had joylent for a bit which is much closer to soylent's recipe but both have got a lot of maltodextrin in them for the carbohydrate content and there are a few concerns over having a lot of that long term. Huel gets its carbs from oats and personally I like the look of their recipe much more, it's also vegan if that's something you care about.
It's harder to mix than soylent because maltodextrin is much more soluble but I use a blender for huel and it's no trouble.
I'd suggest you just get a week pack to start with and use it to replace meals that you'd normally skip or regret and you'll be great, expect some flatulence in the first week or so if you're having having two or more shakes a day, but that passes quickly thankfully.

Vanessa - Facebook

I've been on Huel for about two weeks now and tomorrow I start using it for all meals as just been having one meal at night. I find it so easy. I save money, feel full, feel awake and because I'm not actually getting pangs of hunger or actually eating, I've found I crave cigarettes less

@JJMClark - Twitter

Been 100% Huel only since 25 Jan 16, can honestly state I've never felt better in myself. Physically and mentally lifted. Cheers.

Thomas Oliver Blencowe - Facebook

I've spent years testing MR shakes and have been failed due to high sugar content or not enough protein. After the research I put into Huel, and having run it now for almost two months, there's absolutely zero negatives for me. It is, quite bluntly, perfect. I have come on leaps and bounds physically now I am not limited by time constraints or badly measured solid food quantities. And mentally it's incredible: I feel more awake, alert, and I stay that way for longer.

I also feel it's had a positive impact by way of passively motivating me to become more healthy. I drink almost 80% less (from a few beers most evenings and a heavy Friday/Saturday, to nothing during the week and no more than a glass or two of wine over the entire weekend.) I have begun removing dairy and processed meats from my diet; all breads are gone, and portion sizes are a hell of a lot smaller. I also have totally eliminated refined sugars - I have no cravings at all, while before when I was low on energy I may be tempted by something sugary.

In my eyes this really could be a game changer for an increasing diet and obesity problem over the western world.

Dan Van Zandt, International Karate and Taekwondo Champion - Twitter

The most surprising benefit of Huel? I'm getting the best sleep of my life!

@JJMCLARK - Twitter

Day 32 on Huel - can't believe how easy this has been. Feel so much better about myself. Can't thank Huel enough.

Jason Murphy - Facebook

Been a week on three scoops of Huel for breakfast, with cinnamon powder. Blended the night before. Have lost 4 pounds and feel loads better. My skin is getting better, I definitely have more energy. So glad I tried this. Big up Huel!

John Sherrington - Facebook 

Hi guys. Just feel the need to message you. I love Huel. Lost 1 st 8lb in 5 weeks. Feel fantastic and looking better every day. What I can't get over is how good Huel tastes.

Nick Lawrence - Customer email

I just wanted to drop you an email to say that I think Huel is great. I'm a bad eater - I often skip meals, and Huel is great for those times. It's great that it contains all of the nutrients that the body needs and I use it for meal replacements. Despite some others saying it doesn't taste nice, I think it does. Thank you for producing such a good product!

James Bartlett - Facebook

Defo suppresses hunger !!
Been on this now for 2 month nearly put weight on and body muscle/ mass with working out. I recommend it !!!


For someone like myself; who has M.E, this has been a god send. There are times I'm so fatigued I'm either not eating correctly or not eating at all. This is so simple to prepare and I know I'm eating well and getting essential nutrients. I took some away on short breaks a to too. Pity not enough people know about this product.

@8bit_ginge - Instagram

I'm not normally one to post stuff like this but I kinda feel obliged after my first two weeks of @huel
Admittedly, I was extremely sceptical initially considering it's promises of 'nutritionally complete powdered food', but after getting in a routine of breakfast smoothie and a lunchtime addition (to be clear, I'm using Huel as part of healthy weight gain as opposed to weight loss or meal replacement), I'm finding that not only do I have tons of energy, but I'm also less bloated, fewer hunger pangs, my blood sugars have dramatically settled and I'm gaining weight without loading my body with junk, even my dietician is impressed by the progress I'm making.

Putting it out there, this stuff is awesome and coming from someone who has always had a strange relationship with food, I highly recommend it.

Kimberly Graffin - Facebook

Received my sample pack and I'm hooked! I decided to try Huel out when I was ravenously hungry to see just how good it was at replacing a meal and it was way beyond my expectations. Great flavour and texture. I've already ordered more and will be setting up a subscription soon:)

Belinda Hopkins - Facebook 

Thank you - your product has revolutionised my travels abroad for work. As a Vegan I've been struggling to get enough protein or indeed eat healthily with a full range of nutrients. Now I always travel with a bag of Huel. It's so easy.

Rhiannon - Facebook 

My 87yr old mother was very ill in hospital when i first came upon Huel.. she would not eat and was loosing a lot of weight. The only thing she would have were smoothie drinks i made for her with whole milk, yoghurt, honey , seeds and fruit.. after I got the Huel i started adding one scoop to the smoothie every day.. not much I know, but I am sure it saved her life.. She still has a one scoop drink mixed with milk and water most days and she is doing well and eating better too

David & Jennie Slater - Customer email

My husband and I have two major food allergies and I have a sluggish digestive system. I was recommended Huel by a friend and am so grateful to him and yourselves for this stunning product. We had gluten free vanilla to which we add diff things to for a change of flavour. I am so much better and my body seems to process Huel well. I love the fact I take it with me if I'm on a day out. Will be reordering it again also another beaker. Made a huge diff to our lives especially myself. Please don't stop doing gluten free!

Helen King - Customer email

I have a very severe condition known as achalasia and have just been told that I will probably never be able to eat solid food again due to complete paralysis of my oesophagus. I am 34, with a young family and am trying to come to terms with this and I just wanted to say thank you.

Last year when I was finally diagnosed I was very nutritionally deficient and poorly due to this as I could not obtain what I needed from liquid supplements, now I am having Huel everyday and it is giving me the peace of mind that I will survive and will be able to maintain my body despite the condition and lack of 'food'. I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a wonderful product-it has been 'life-saving' for me. :)

Jan Fitzpatrick - Facebook

Does me for breakfast and lunch while I'm at work. I whizz it up with a banana, frozen berries and a little coconut milk. Tastes delicious, gives me tonnes of energy, I know I'm getting a balanced diet, takes seconds to make and its vegan! Win win win! Slowly losing a bit of extra weight too.

Matty Lloyd - Facebook

On Huel for for a month. Lots of benefits, massive changes too. Energy, able to train harder and feel better. I've had 2 weeks off due to changing jobs/house and my body knew the difference, I knew the difference.  I'm 100% better with Huel in my life! I've just taken delivery of two bags today. Couldn't wait to get back on it.

Richard Galbraith - Facebook

Been using Huel three times daily for about four months now. I wanted to get into it as an experiment, and to see how it would help my training for what I decided was going to be 'my first summer of competition'. Well, it's worked, I've competed in three triathlons (1/4 Ironman distance) and done two half-marathons in the last 6 weeks with recovery speed and energy output in no small part to Huel. It's awesome stuff.

Amanda Osborne - Facebook

I've found the product to be very useful. I don't have time to make a high - protein, non-fattening, nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch before work. This is better than having a slice of toast and a rubbish prepacked sandwich that leaves me feeling hungry and prone to overeating. I've lost weight and been able to run faster since using this for two weekday meals in the last few weeks. I still generally cook weekends and evenings.

Scott Parkinson - Facebook

I'd just like to say that I've just received my gluten free huel and after a hard 2 hour session on my bike I thought I'd give it a go. I wasn't expecting much, being gluten free means giving up a lot of things, taste being one of them. Well, all I can say is sign me up! This is the best gluten free meal replacement I have ever had! I have a 1 hour commute and normally take 3 boiled eggs along for the ride but Huel will now replace the eggs. Thanks for such a great product. I do hope you continue with the gluten free line as you have a convert in me. The t-shirt and shaker are also excellent too!

Jon Parker - Twitter 

4" off the waist line, over a stone lighter (plus a lot of muscle gain).  @huel works, folks - whatever your aim. #HuelLife

Ryan Gribby - Customer email 

I'd just like to say I truly believe in this wonderful product. As a Crossfit Coach and Athlete I try to spread the word on healthy eating and the affect of consuming dairy and meat has on the environment. Huel reduces food waste, saves money and helps people consume less animal products. Over the last month I've helped a number of people swap to, or include more of a plant based diet and Huel is a fantastic product to do so. You guys are literally saving the planet, making the world a better place.

Ian Jenkins

Love mine. Never be without it now. I toured Scotland in the camper van this summer. It meant I could wild camp for longer and carry allot less weight.

Eric Hewes

I'm currently on a 75% Huel a day diet for the past two weeks and the vanilla is actually really good. I have more energy then normal and I'm losing weight as comfortably as is possible.

If you don’t like to cook/don’t have the time. I can't recommend this enough.

Simon Mills - Facebook

I'm a type 1 diabetic bodybuilder who is gluten, dairy and egg intolerant. Can't have any dairy - even whey protein. Huel has rapidly become a staple in my diet and it's going to make it so much easier to hit my targets in the gym. I couldn't have specced it any better.

Nadia - Customer email


Firstly I'd like to apologise for the very late response! Secondly I'd like to elaborate on why Huel is such a big part of my life at present and why I use it with my clients and friends.

At one point in my life, not that long ago, a series of events happened both physically and mentally, leaving me with a very very sensitive digestive system and Chronic Acid Reflux. I was unable to digest anything that (understandably now) wasn't highly fatty or eaten in extremely minimal amounts. I was very young, anxious and depressed at this point. I spent three years researching and managing my condition - my quality of life was very much reduced. I was eating less than 1000 calories a day because the fear of not being able to digest food and leave me in discomfort was too much. Anyway, I did very very very extensive amounts of research and managed to pull things together - becoming what i'd now call an expert in digestive health, food as medicine and just nutrition in general - I spent every single day reading , researching and trying to restore my health.

During this process, there was a short period where it was essential for me to cut out ALL starch - everything that contained starch including veggies. Introducing carbs and starch back into my diet was going to be interesting - not knowing whether or not body was creating enough HCL by itself now and the fear of suffering if I tried to eat anything hah required any kind of real breakdown was just too much anxiety! However, I got introduced to Huel by a friend that I trusted and knew equal amounts about food, nutrition and health as I did.

I knew because I had such a restricted diet I temporarily lacked in so many nutrients and probably did for a longer time than I'd like to imagine as my digestive system was not functioning anywhere near properly, regardless of my previous nutrient dense Vegan diet. (Which was part of the problem).

This is when I tried Huel for the first time - when I needed to introduce carbs again. The first time I had it, I got the usual symptoms of digestive discomfort - but I did not loose faith - I was adamant that Huel could help my healing process or at least act as a facilitator to where I wanted to be (the whole fact it had everything I needed whilst I worked on eating whole foods again).

I reduced the amount I was putting in, from 100g down to 50g, and reduced it to an amount I could bare and then kept it at 50g with minimal water.

I would then use Huel in my cooking - my pancakes/yoghurt/ all of the things I COULD digest - I would add Huel to as my only source of carbs and starch. Anyway, Huel became good for me. Because of this gentle tapering I was able to introduce other foods very very slowly (whilst still having to supplement with Betaine HCL).

I then got myself to a place where I could eat all foods in strict moderation. And this was an unbelievable step for me. I went from suicidally depressed, too scared to even think about eating - to a place where I can eat freely, adopt my vegan diet back and experience completely normal digestion.

I still use Huel as my safe, reliable source of Vegan nutrition, post/pre workout and also as a 'macro/micro' filler throughout the day. I recently travelled to South Africa for a month. I used Huel as my source of food when food was low. I took Huel to Budapest - saved me unbelievable amounts of money.
The best thing is knowing that if I ever had to return to a place of unbearable digestive health, then Huel is there to facilitate after the storm!!

I also recommend certain clients of mine to use Huel (some of my clients suffer with extremely bad chronic diseases and are very very busy people and have no time to prepare meals). Their conditions often require them to switch to super low GI carbohydrates and significantly step up in nutritional intake just as a first step - Huel allows them to do this without taking away from their working life. I never ever ever recommend anything besides the switch to real, whole foods - but Huel is an exception in many cases.

I'd firstly like to personally thank you, and secondly like to thank you on behalf of the future. Aha, this email was slightly long winded and I could go on forever giving examples of how Huel has fitted into my life and the lives of people around me. But I'm sure you've heard enough!

Peter Oden - Facebook

Huel is the perfect functional food for me. I can make it sweet or savoury and it can be a snack or a meal. After I have exercised I add a little more pea protein to support recovery. It has supported me in becoming fitter and leaner. Love it.

Seb - Facebook

I love food and I was sceptical about Huel when I first heard of it. I start work very early and never have time for a proper breakfast. I could get up even earlier but then it would be getting really silly. So instead for years I rushed down a bowl of cereal with milk at my desk when I got in. It never kept me full until lunch time (let alone mid morning), and was so boring and also full of sugar and not very nutritious. I decided to try Huel as a friend had been telling me about it for years and I had just laughed him off. I wasn't convinced at first but after playing with the proportions and preparing it with milk rather than water, I've actually got something I really enjoy, keeps me full until lunch time (haven't had that for years!) and which I can vary really easily. Sometimes I blend in biscuits, honey, squares of chocolate, frozen fruit, etc. It's a bit like a milkshake. So many different possibilities and so easy to prepare. I can understand why people don't like the sound of it at first, particularly people who love food, as I thought that too, but you shouldn't bash it til you try it. Because I only have it for breakfast, with the quantity I use, 1 pack lasts me more than a month. If you haven't got time for a proper breakfast, you really should try it.

Peter Freeman - Customer email

My personal trainer Glyn Evans at Performance-Pro in London can no longer complain about my ever-increasing or even stagnant weight. Since using Huel it has decreased every week and without the slightest effort or hunger pangs, so I am totally delighted with the ongoing results of this product, which include greater energy and a shortened, sounder sleep pattern. It suits my strictly vegan lifestyle of the past 30 years too, a sine qua non so far as I am concerned.

Zoe Webster - Customer Email

Loving Huel! As a newly diagnosed Celiac the Gluten free Huel is a Godsend. I am on the road a lot and find it difficult to find GF food on the move. Huel is keeping me full up and I have lost 5 pounds of weight in two weeks so its all good.

Nathan Long

I've been on huel for around 3 weeks now, and I feel like a different person.. I have so much more energy, and it tastes great too.. I have now lost 8lbs in weight and that's with having huel free weekends.. personally I love the stuff and would recommend it to anyone..I think I must of been missing certain nutrients in my diet and huel has certainly filled that gap

Mary Lea

I am a trainee nurse and with twelve hour shifts, six hours either side of a half hour break for lunch, and I find huel really useful. In addition, sometimes I'll have fruit for breakfast, sometimes huel as well (the latter when I am more hungry.) If I had to choke down a sandwich or a microwaved ready meal during my lunchbreaks I really wouldn't enjoy it, and I know from experience that ready meals and sandwiches and other typical hospital lunches don't keep me going as long. Yes, I could spend ages after a busy day planning a wonderfully balanced salad or something, but why bother? Plus, student nurses can't afford a thousand superfoods. Whereas huel works out much more affordable and does keep me full and gives me the energy I need.

When I do cook for friends and family (I love to cook) I enjoy it far more. It becomes a pleasure, not a chore. I have sit down home cooked meals from scratch three times a week, which is more, I suspect, than most people. Certainly more than most people working twelve hour shifts. Huel doesn't mean you can never eat anything else. But it does mean that when you are tired, or in a hurry, you get something that genuinely helps you feel better and switches off crappy cravings. No more coming home thinking 'if I don't eat chocolate I will die!' So, it's not 'all huel and nothing else.' You can eat anything else you like, just as a bread eater can also eat potatoes, a water drinker can also have a beer or cup of coffee. It's a tool that helps you balance a busy life. That's all.

Laurie Bunting

Not to mention bolting food really hurts your stomach, whereas a liquid meal is far gentler. On a ward you never know how the day is going to pan out, you might get time to take your whole break, you might not, so having something quick and easy is really useful.

I did a lot of my training in the community, some days, like on wards, you just simply don't have time for your break - drinking while driving between appointments is far easier than trying to eat a sandwich

Kevin Potter - Facebook

Not every one are able to have time to prepare meals. I am a long distance truck driver and also a Vegan. I am on Huel for all my food. I have a shake for breakfast and lunch one late afternoon and 2 in the evening with fruit normally peaches or strawberries. I'm never hungry, feel great and I adjust the amount I have to keep my weight spot on. Trying to find truck stops around Europe that do vegan food is non existent so this Huel really works for me. I also ran a 100 km ultra marathon in August and I've never felt so good.

James W. Brown - Twitter

As a bike courier I agree, I love food but it's not an option when cycling a 10 hr shift, Huel however has my back.

Wilson Cutbirth - Customer email

I have to to say you guys really have something here! I see this as the perfect expedition food especially for breakfast. As well as a great normal life, pre athletic exercise breakfast and mid day meal. If your not craving something hot by the end of the day even a great dinner. I have been searching for the perfect pre climbing breakfast meal for a while now, to no avail. Something that sustains threw the better part of the day but doesn't leave you sluggish and heavy feeling. Huel seems to do very well. I have done a few hard all day cragging days and some long all day multi pitch climbs at my limit fueled by nothing but 3 scoops of Huel in the morning and a few light snacks threw the day. I found I performed at my best with out feeling hungry or weak. My mind wasn't on how my body felt at all really and allowed for me to focus more on climbing, usually I find my self distracted by a pit in my belly or a tired food coma feeling. Feel good, climb good. Its also great to have something fast and easy when your preparing for a big climb in the morning and Huel puts the fast in breakfast. As a post work out recovery shake it works great, I noticed it has a great protein to carb ratio for muscle recovery.

@Lox - Huel Forum

I’m now all in Huel! I started off on Huel 2 times per day for breakfast and lunch and now I’m drinking 4 shakes per day with fruit and meat snacks in between. It really works with my lifestyle; I feel healthier, have more energy and hitting the gym four times a week has meant a marked improvement on my fitness levels and physique.

Jo - Customer Email

I wanted to send a message to say thank you. Not only is Huel affordable, dairy and soy free, available in gluten free but it is a low fodmap food source.
I have a digestive disorder that can be grippling, eating at the best of times is difficult, at the worst of times it can be next to impossible. We have been trying to stabilise my weight but it's not been easy. It has been trial and error to find something that I can have that provides Everything I need nutritionally in liquid form, and we finally found it!! No pain, no sickness, just a comfortably full stomach. We are looking forward to using it to create small treats that I can safely eat. Thank you Huel!

Jo Mitchinson - Customer Email

Just to say that I am absolutely amazed that the Huel Bars have become an integral part of my diet. I am possibly the fussiest person I've ever met and have never got on with cereal bars or protein bars in the past. I usually don't like the texture or the taste.

However, these are fab! I never fancy food straight after training, but these are so functional and practical that I put it in my kit bag and eat it as I leave the pool. It's gone before I even notice it. It doesn't matter whether I leave the water at 07:00 or 22:00, I've never struggled to eat these.

My Huel diet is now a bar after each training session, a 3 scoop Huel drink at lunchtime and an evening meal. If I'm hungry I either eat a snack, or have a 2 scoop Huel. It definitely seems to be working - at the weekend, despite being 20 years older than anyone else in the race I won a Bronze medal at the Hertfordshire County Championships 800m. I also improved my time by 7 seconds since November!

Thank you so much,

Fraser McCoull - Customer Email

I have just started to use Huel, and I was skeptical at first. But I am a instant convert. I run ultramarathons in my spare time and train 10-20hours a week so was looking for a source of fuel to supplement my day/training and it is such a great product...I start on just breakfast but have quickly moved up to 2-3 servings a day. I think my high fibre diet beforehand has helped the transition.

@degrengeleiw - Twitter

Why have I not tried the @huel flavour pouches earlier?? This tastes like I'm drinking a chocolate milkshake but it's super healthy 

Simon Balmain - Customer Email

I started using Huel in my old job, where we had limited lunch break time, no time to make anything, and not that many local stores to get anything healthy. More often than not, it wasn't possible to get something healthy, quick and cheap - you had to pick two of those three things, either sacrificing your health or spending more money than made sense just for lunch. Huel massively solved that problem by being cost-effective, healthy, and fast....For me, food is wonderful and cultural and can punctuate the day in a great way. When I don't have time, then speed, convenience and nutrition take priority, and that's where Huel fits in for me.

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