Huel Start-Up Bundle

Our 34 meal Huel Powder start-up bundle is extremely popular, we have sold over 100 million meals to over 100 countries. The start-up bundle has been purposely designed to give you everything you need to have a great initial experience. We did used to do small sample pouches but the feedback was that it didn't last long enough to give the full Huel experience.

Huel is a little like coffee in the sense that it's flexible and it might take a few attempts to find a combination you like. Some people like it with ice, thick (more water), or thinner (less water), with coffee, with a flavour boost, blended, shaken, etc.

Included in the start-up bundle is:

  • 34 meals of Huel Powder
  • Free Huel t-shirt
  • Free Huel shaker
  • Free next day delivery
  • Free first time customer guide booklet

All this is all from as little as 1.670,00 Kč (subscription) or 1.855,56 Kč for a one off purchase, which is 49,12 Kč for a 400kcal meal. What's more, if you're still not convinced after trying Huel, you can return any unopened pouches up 30 days from date of delivery.

The beauty of this bundle is that it gives you more opportunity to try out and experiment with different flavours, consistencies and recipes to find your perfect Huel.

If you are still unsure please have a read and listen to what our customers say... and check us out on Instagramtwitter and Facebook.

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