Huel Version 3.0- The Principal Changes

The Principal Changes

Huel was launched in June 2015, and there have been several changes to improve the formula since. We continually innovate in response to published research, as well as our in-house development, and from listening to feedback from Hueligans. Read about previous formula changes here.

All-natural and improved flavours

The latest Huel Powder formula is v3.0 and this has some great improvements, although the main ingredients remain unchanged – Huel Powder is primarily oats, pea protein, flaxseed, brown rice protein, MCTs from coconut, and sunflower oil powder.

Our product development team have managed to improve the flavours in Huel Powder as well using ones that are now all naturally-derived. We’ve responded to feedback on Chocolate flavour powder and made it more indulgent by intensifying the chocolate aroma and flavour with a creamier mouthfeel. We’ve aligned Mint Chocolate flavour with the rest of the range, adding a touch more sweetness and aroma to make it a better reflection of confectionary mint chocolate. Berry flavour has been tweaked to give it a more summer berry taste with increased raspberry notes to give it a fresh, sharp, and full-bodied berry flavour.

Smoother texture - sunflower lecithin and tapioca flour

Our product development team are continually looking for ways to further improve the texture of Huel Powder. Sunflower lecithin is a fantastic emulsifier by attracting both water and fat molecules to smooth textures and help prevent them from separating. Tapioca is a starch that’s derived from the roots of the cassava plant. It provides carbohydrate and helps to give a smoother, rounded mouthfeel to Huel Powder when mixed.


Huel Powder v3.0 contains the probiotic Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria which, when consumed in adequate amounts, may have health benefits, particularly relating to gut health[1-3] and possibly the immune system[4]. The inclusion of probiotics compliments the prebiotic health benefits of the soluble fibres in Huel.

Acerola Cherries for vitamin C

Acerola cherries (aka Malpighia emarginata) are grown in Central and South America and are rivalled by few other fruits in respect of their high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an important essential nutrient and it’s widely considered that the amount of vitamin C we’re recommended to consume is too low[5-7]. Benefits of consuming more vitamin C include a healthy immune system, healthy skin, and antioxidant properties[6-8]. Previously, Huel Powder contained L-ascorbic acid as the source of vitamin C; v3.0 contains all the vitamin C from the natural acerola source.


Kombucha is a fermented product that is made using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Traditionally, it’s consumed as a tea which is slightly alcoholic. In Huel Powder v3.0, it’s present as a powder and does not contain any alcohol. Kombucha provides B-vitamins which are produced when the SCOBY breaks down the sugars present[9].

Naturally-derived Choline, Biotin, and Chromium

Previous versions of Huel Powder used L-choline bitartrate, D-biotin, and chromium chloride as the forms of additional choline, biotin, and chromium respectively. For v3.0 we’ve sourced ingredients – particularly oats and flaxseed – that are richer in these nutrients so we don’t need inclusions in the vitamin and mineral blend to achieve the same desired levels.

Globally aligned formula

Previously, the European and US Huel Powder ranges had different levels of the main ingredients and the inclusions of some of the vitamins and minerals varied. In Huel Powder v3.0 we’ve completely aligned the ingredients and the majority of the vitamins and minerals to provide the optimum amounts. The only exceptions are potassium and chloride where the US inclusion is higher to meet the high Daily Values[10].


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