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Huel Refer a Friend Guide

The Refer a Friend scheme is a great way to get yourself, your friends, colleagues, family members and anyone you know some discount. For every person you refer, you get a reward to use for money off your next order and your friend also gets a reward to use with their first order!

The reward discount for you and your friends can be applied to orders of 1,485 Kč or more. This can be applied at the checkout. For subscription orders the reward discount can be applied to the order during checkout. For ongoing subscriptions please contact who will be happy to apply the discount to your next qualifying order.

Below is a guide we have developed to walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible.


1. Click this link -

If you don’t have a Huel account you can sign up to this now.

2. Refer and Earn!

Copy this link and share with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter or any way you can copy and paste! In addition you can simply use your own name as the referral code.

3. You’re done!

All you need to do now is wait for your friend to place their order for Huel. You will receive an email notification with a code when they do and you can use this on your next order.


1. Exclusive discount email.

Your friend will receive an email about their exclusive discount. They should click “Shop at Huel”.

2. Confirm email address.

Each person you refer will simply need to confirm their email address.

3. Receiving the code.

They will receive an email that contains their unique discount code or the ability to use your name as the discount.

4. Go shopping!

At the checkout page they must copy and paste this code into the discount box on the right hand of the checkout page.

Terms and Conditions

The friend reward can only be used on the first order.

The order must be worth 1,485 Kč or more. Therefore it does not include individually purchased merchandise and flavours.

Multiple discounts cannot be accumulated. For example, if you refer six friends you cannot stack them against a single order. You will get one reward off six separate orders of 1,485 Kč or more.

We encourage genuine friend referrals, so every code has a limited number of uses. If you share your code online it is likely this limit will be reached and those being referred will not receive a discount.

Please log in to your store account

To share with your friends, log in is required so that we can verify your identity and reward you for successful referrals.

Log in to your account If you don't have a store account, you can create on here

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